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Smeagle's Rubbish & Container Services: The Beginning

written by: Catherine Smeagle


Bill always had a love for trucks. When we met, Bill was working for Red Star Express as a truck driver. Home bas was in Shrewsbury. He delivered freight from Shrewsbury to Boston every day. He enjoyed driving the 18 wheelers.


I was always amazed by Bill's ability to handle such large trucks (beling only 5'8"). His driving skills were flawless; snow, sleet, ice, rain, not a problem. That is how bill approached everything in life. He enjoyed the challenges of his job.


He began to think that another line of business would be more profitable. He left his job and began his own business. It was not that easy to start a business in the 70's. You needed to be sponsored by other business people that knew you, especially in the trash business.


The rest is history; Bill received his permits and slowly but surely built Smeagle's Rubbish and Demolition Services Inc. Soon Bill bought 1, 2, and 3 dump trucks.

Bill had the help of all his family members. They would drop Bill off to leave his truck with the customer. They would drive Bill with another truck to the next job, etc. Sometimes this would go on for hours picking up and dropping off Bill. His family suggested an idea, to sell the trucks and buy one truck that delivered containers to the customer.

Bill always had the loyal support of family. He never advertised. All was word of mouth and had kept it that way until his untimely passing. Bill's motto was "If you are fair with your customers, your business will succeed".


Bill's legacy lives on through his family. Still going strong after 35 years and keeping in mind what Bill has taught us, to "always be fair to the customer".


- Catherine Smeagle

Bill's son Ryan, and wife Catherine

Oil Painting of Bill Smeagle